Who's IzFIT?

I’m Izaac O'Hara, a fully certified personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach. I specialise in training individuals and group training. I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 8 years and have invaluable experience in helping my clients create a balanced active lifestyle.

Based on my influence and vision I have been privileged with becoming an international Lululemon brand ambassador. On my journey I have found there are three key components that go into being the best version of myself.


I’m all about eating to fuel my body and allow for the best performance in regards to my training and day to day life. I also believe it’s highly important to have variety throughout your meals and avoid restrictions to have a sustainable and balanced diet. I personally follow a plant-based diet which my body thrives on, the cleaner the better. 

Another aspect of my life that I maintain balance with is my training. I predominately train HIIT sessions and ensure I supplement these sessions with lower intensity workouts. I believe listening to your body is essential and can create the best results.


If i'm not with clients, I’ll be spending my down time hanging out with friends and family or having a cute date or training with my girlfriend Liv. Throughout the week I'll be taking sessions, working on my business or up-skilling on the latest fitness trend and educating myself through podcasts and reading.

If I'm chilling out after a big week I love to take out some time to do things that I love, I put a lot into my physical wellbeing and it’s just as important to invest into supporting my mental wellbeing.

A lot of my habits and love for training have come through football. I’ve had a promising career playing for the national futsal team and trialling in the UK at Premier League academies when i was younger. Now I play at the club I grew up with, Island Bay. Up the sharks!

Dedication & Consistency

In order to have high performance there needs to be a clear focus and vision of your goal. I’m always passionate about achieving goals. Making sure my actions are always thought out with the right attitude and effort in place.

Having a great support system and positive people around will help achieve your vision.

What about you?

If your goal is to create a balanced lifestyle, reach new heights in training or tired of the same old recipes. Then Join my community and follow my journey to help you create the lifestyle you want.

My mission is to leave behind a legacy, by helping as many people as possible through the art of movement and healthy living. Don’t find the time, create the time, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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